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Diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion are important business priorities because of their impact on our employees, our organizations, and our communities. The resources on this page offer ideas, strategies and examples from leaders and organizations that have successfully created thriving cultures of inclusion that embrace diversity and promote belonging.

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Roadmap for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Thought leadership, best practices, tools and resources to help support and promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

Starting at Diversity

The first step toward diversity and inclusion is recognizing and honoring the people who make up your organization.

Creating Equity

Take the right actions to ensure that everyone has equal access to recruitment, development and engagement opportunities.

Fostering Belonging and Inclusion

Create a culture of belonging by looking carefully at disability inclusion, financial equity, allyship, veterans, LGBTQ+, engagement, unconscious bias, and diversity in recruiting and development.

Learn How ADP is Responding

We promote a culture of equity and inclusion through employee resource groups and corporate social responsibility and build tools to help our clients promote diversity in their organizations.

Access Additional DE&I Resources

Learn how leaders of organizations of all sizes are actively implementing diverse and inclusive practices. Leverage these insights to help inform your company's DE&I strategy.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: A Business Priority

Learn what DE&I is, why it's important for your business to embrace it, and how ADP can help companies drive DE&I initiatives.