ADP vs. Desjardins

See how ADP compares to Desjardins. Unlike Desjardins, ADP offers a wide range of solutions, customized to your business needs.

If you are a small business Compare ADP Payroll Packages or start a quote. If you have 50 or more employees:

See where ADP beats out Desjardins*

Comprehensive portfolio of HCM solutions for businesses of all sizes    
Tailored solutions for your business needs, industry, segment, and size (no two businesses are the same) One solution to serve all markets
Payroll, HR and Time Bundle designed for small businesses (1-49 employees) not offered
Fully integrated HR suite (HR, talent, time, benefits, payroll, recruitment, performance, and learning management) (50+ employees) limited2
HR Advisory – Access resources, tools and best practice guidance using an online portal not offered
Cross-border solution* not offered
Global payroll, offered natively* not offered
CCQ compliance payroll calculation and reporting*
Robust portfolio of talent solutions* limited
Comprehensive return to workplace solutions on mobile and desktop* not offered
Payroll Outsourcing limited
HR Outsourcing* limited
Reporting & Analytics    
Robust reporting and analytics* limited
Insights and competitive benchmarking dashboards and intelligence for salary, turnover, and organizational structure informed* not offered
Employee Experience    
Robust mobile app (employee, owner, and admin) limited
Top-rated mobile app (payroll, and time) not offered
Flexible, open app ecosystem    
Industry-leading marketplace for third party integrations, offering single sign-on, single data input, and single billing3 [nearly 100 apps & connectors] limited
Service / Support    
Customer support – Robust channels (chat, 1-800 number, self-service centre, and dedicated service4) limited
Professional Services available limited
  1. Information based on ADP internal research and is accurate as of June 15, 2022 and is subject to change
  2. Limited indicates some, but not all capabilities offered by ADP per results of internal research
  3. Single billing available on most ADP technology; Exceptions may apply
  4. Dedicated service (dedicated team and/or point of contact) varies by solution and/or account size

*ADP capabilities represent a complete portfolio of solutions. Some solutions require minimum employee counts. Not all solutions listed above are available for organizations with less than 50 employees.

ADP Canada Co. and its affiliates do not offer investment, tax or legal advice to individuals. Nothing contained in this communication (or website) is intended to be, nor should be construed as, particularized advice or a recommendation or suggestion that you take or not take a particular action. ADP Canada Co. and its affiliates are not affiliated with Ceridian Powerpay, Wagepoint, QuickBooks Payroll, Payworks, UKG or Desjardins.

Why ADP is more robust compared to Desjardins

Experience & Expertise specific to Payroll, HR & Talent solutions

  • Over 40 years of payroll experience in Canada. We pay 1 in 5 Canadians.
  • Leading HCM solutions provider, have the know-how to meet your unique payroll needs.
  • Award-winning payroll and HR solutions.

Award Winning Customer Service | Tailored Support & Implementation

  • Highly trained and accredited service associates. ADP has more Certified Professionals than any other organization.
  • National coverage in both English and French.
  • In-house implementation support from team of experts tailored to your needs.

Complete portfolio of HCM Solutions | Tailored to your needs | Product Scalability

  • ADP manages a broad portfolio of solutions customized by segment (small businesses to large enterprises), industry, and region.
  • We don’t believe one-size fits all. Instead, ADP positions solutions to alleviate current business challenges.
  • ADP delivers end-to-end automated payroll solutions, a robust portfolio of talent management and intuitive HR tools.

Top FAQs about ADP vs. Desjardins

Is it easy to switch to ADP from my current payroll provider?

Yes. Switching to ADP is a breeze because we can support your switch at any time. You won't have to wait for a quarter or year-end to access the benefits of ADP.

How long does it take to get up and running?

This depends on your company’s priorities, the services you’re using and how quickly you can access the required data. Some customers can be up and running within days, while others choose to make the transition over several weeks. Services beyond payroll may take longer to set up.

What services are included in pricing?

ADP offers several flexible options depending on your company's size as well as on its payroll and HR requirements, so you only pay for the solutions you need.

What kind of customer support does ADP offer?

You can rely on ADP's fast, friendly, and knowledgeable customer service representatives to support implementation and beyond. We provide live and online support including direct access to certified service professionals.

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