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One human capital management (HCM) system for the entire employee life cycle.

Complex challenges, solved. People power, unleashed.

Attract, manage and activate the very best.

Finding, growing and retaining the best talent is on most leaders’ minds today — and new challenges are emerging from every angle. Infuse data, expertise and automation into your approach with a single, powerful technology solution to:

  • Attract: Talent acquisition solutions have you covered when it comes to attracting the best new people and propelling them toward amazing performance
  • Manage: Talent management solutions optimize organizational efficiency while helping to ensure the employee experience doesn’t skip a beat
  • Activate: Talent activation solutions equip leaders, teams and individuals to optimize performance and drive outcomes that matter most to your organization

See how to optimize your workforce 

Franklin Electric: Talent Strategy That Powers Growth

Hear how Franklin Electric employed ADP’s Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions to attract top talent, create connections through onboarding, and provide ongoing performance management.

Easy, accurate payroll. Period.

ADP knows payroll better than anyone else: Our solutions make large business payroll easier to process and more accurate across industries and geographies.

Watch the video to see how one large business partnered with ADP and:

  • Experienced seamless integration, moving from five systems to a single system
  • Gained new insights through visibility into data
  • Moved employees to electronic pay — from 15 percent to 88 percent of employees

Global Payroll: A Foundation for HCM

Watch Zac Quayle, HR Operations Leader, Cargill EMEA, describe his journey to a single solution for payroll and the four key areas that were critical for success.

Deliver better top-line and bottom-line results.

People can be more productive if managed closely on a daily basis – whether that means delivering better quality products, increasing sales, improving service or just getting more work done. With the right scheduling, time-tracking and absence-management tools, managing the workforce can also be done at a lower cost.

  • Reduce labour costs: Visibility into actual hours worked, projected overtime and absence data can help your front-line managers proactively control costs and manage labour budgets.
  • Improve productivity: The right people in the right place at the right time—and fewer instances of understaffing or overstaffing—help you get the greatest return on your labour expense.

See how mobile and smart workforce management solutions can help change your business.

The New Generation of Workforce Management

Download the eBook: The New Generation of Workforce Management

The future of workforce management has arrived, and with it comes myriad complexities that will affect which companies survive.

Mitigate risk and protect your large business.

Trying to keep up with compliance at home and across borders is overwhelming. You may feel that you need to invest in a team of full-time employees whose only job is to keep on top of regulations.

With ADP, you get support and tools to help you comply with your payroll and HR obligations—and mitigate risk.

Secure your data to keep your business safe.

As your business gets more complex, so do your security risks — 57 percent of executives feel they are not protected against advanced cyber attacks, and 63 percent doubt they can stop the exfiltration of confidential information.1

ADP can help you put the right safety nets in place, including proactive data security and privacy, operational risk management, workforce protection and critical incident responses. Learn more about what you can do to secure employee data.

European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – How will it impact HR and Payroll?

GDPR will require more of HR’s time, more technology and possibly even more personnel. This adds new responsibility for HR leaders to help ensure compliance and avoid penalties. Learn about your new obligations as an employer doing business within the European Union and make sure you’re on track to comply with these European privacy principles as they relate to GDPR.

Optimize your talent strategy with data.

Seventy-seven percent of executives now rate “people analytics” as a key priority.² But what does that mean? It means you can understand your workforce in completely new ways with centralized reporting and analytics from ADP.

See real-time, actionable data to:

  • Identify top performers and talent gaps
  • Build business cases to support funding requests
  • Deliver insights to decision makers

Analytics is the future of HCM.

International Automotive Components Group: The Power of One … Enabling Global HCM

A globalized approach to HCM can deliver a single source of data truth to drive efficiency. See how IAC transformed their systems, enabling them to access real-time data and run reports at the touch of a button.

There are even more reasons to partner with ADP.

A single-platform solution

Harness the power of process automation and system integration across all aspects of HCM with our open HCM ecosystem. It integrates to commonly used enterprise software, giving you greater flexibility so you can align productivity to your goals and ultimately achieve greater ROI.

Scalable and integrated

Global companies need technology that can scale and a trusted partner with local expertise. Experience the cost-and-time-savings of tapping into ADP’s thousands of payroll professionals in more than 140 countries.

We know your industry

From retail to health care, government to manufacturing and more, thousands of clients in dozens of industries trust us to know the nuances of their workforce. Companies like yours have leveraged our market-leading solutions for nearly 70 years, globally.

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Performance & Talent Management Solutions 2022 – Canadian HR Reporter Readers’ Choice

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Time & Attendance Solutions 2022 – Canadian HR Reporter Readers’ Choice

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A talent activation platform that infuses engaging coaching with technology to give team leaders the tools, insights and data they need to increase development, engagement and performance.

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  1. Websense and the Ponemon Institute, April 2014.
  2. Global Human Capital Trends 2016, Bersin by Deloitte, March 2016.

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