ADP Datacloud platform showcasing headcount, hires, terminations, and access to learning management dashboards

ADP® DataCloud

Understand your workforce and how you compare to peers with the industry’s largest dataset.

ADP will help you find valuable insights hidden in your people data

ADP DataCloud’s guided analytics experiences make it easy to answer common business questions, even if you aren’t an analytics expert, and then share those insights with the people who need them most – all with a time to value in minutes, not months.

Sophistication simplified

Analytics tailored to your organization are simple to setup, use and distribute.

Stories catalyze action

Turn data into action and business outcomes within your organization.

Data differentiates

Leverage the most powerful workforce dataset to know where you stand vs. peer companies.

Results happen one person at a time

Go beyond the numbers by connecting to people and what drives them to make change stick.

ADP Datacloud turnover & retention graph showing 14% YTD turnover rate on a tablet

Identify workforce patterns and trends with HR metrics

ADP DataCloud’s streamlined, configurable dashboards can help you identify potential issues in key areas, like overtime, turnover, compensation and much more. Dozens of industry-standard metrics are available across:

  • Human resources
  • Benefits
  • Time and attendance
  • Payroll
  • Recruitment

Answer key workforce questions through a story-driven approach

Reliable data that tells the full story of your organization can help your HR practitioners and managers make better decisions. ADP DataCloud’s storyboards include:

Examples of ADP Storyboards prompts, aging workforce and cost of turnover, on desktop

+Aging Workforce

Understand the impact of your aging workforce lifecycle by uncovering which employees may retire in the near future and group them by jobs or location.

ADP Datacloud analytics chart on a tablet showcasing metrics for employed workforce, base salary, turnover rate, and median hourly pay

Push insights in a simple, digestible format to managers who can take action

Identify and resolve people issues that impact cost, revenue and productivity without waiting on analysts to run reports or disconnected systems to miraculously start working together.

Tap into enhanced insights to keep your business moving forward

Our model-driven insights allow you to compare your business to peers and act with a level of confidence you never thought possible.

See how you measure up to others with the industry’s largest workforce dataset

Unlike survey-based benchmarks, ADP DataCloud provides access to real, up-to-date, aggregated and anonymized data from ADP’s Canadian client base of 1.2 million+ employees. The benchmarks cover a range of more than 30 different pay and HR metrics and can help assess if your:

  • Employee compensation is competitive
  • New hires are leaving faster than others
  • Absence and overtime rates are higher than benchmarks
  • HCM investment is providing optimal value

Match financial data against your people data to reveal new insights

ADP DataCloud makes it possible to better understand what’s driving revenue and other key business metrics by overlaying them with HCM data, such as overtime worked, headcount and total hours. You’ll be able to answer questions, like:

  • How do our actual labour expenses differ from budgeted expenses?
  • What staff do we need to have in place to meet our sales goals?
  • What percent of employees are working remotely by each business location?
HRO Defined

Gain a deeper understanding of what impacts your organization

ADP DataCloud’s curated experiences allow you to analyze critical areas of your business, such as:

  • Annual compensation – explore pay trends by total cash, base salary, bonus and overtime across locations and industries based on real and observed data
ADP Datacloud Annual Compensation benchmarks chart showing the map of Canada

Awards and recognition

Data Breakthrough Award

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Breakthrough Award

Brandon Hall
Best Advance in HR Predictive Analytics Technology

Human Resource Executive
Top HR Product Award

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