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HR staff time savings*


Increase in productivity of payroll staff*


Compliance time savings*

Advantages of ADP’s Midsize Payroll


Do payroll your way

ADP’s payroll software is equipped with customizable options, including pre-designed reports, workflows, alerts, and reminders. If you require additional customization, our software can be tailored to fit your unique needs.


Build trust with accurate payroll

Employees rely on precise and timely salaries, and ADP guarantees this by eliminating errors and delays. Our software also lightens HR's load and empowers every department by boosting engagement through user-friendly payroll and HR tools.


Streamline your processes

ADP’s payroll software helps you spend less time processing payroll as it requires one login, and you will have time and attendance, benefits, and HR all integrated in one place!


Benefits & workers’ compensation

Our payroll software makes it simple to comply with provincial and territorial compensation laws. You can also administer employee benefits and manage expenses and reimbursements with ease



Payroll software that’s flexible and adapts to the way you work, making it simple to understand and use.


Simple integrations

With just one click, you can access key employee data needed for timely and accurate payroll processing, including time-tracking, leaves, and absences.

Smart payroll and HR solutions — all in one system.

ADP’s HR suite allows you to transform the way you work

The industry's leading payroll and tax solution

You can feel confident that your payroll is accurate and on time while staying on top of employment related taxes and regulations. Specifically, you can:

  • Run payroll in a few simple steps
  • Add employees with ease
  • Access clear and simple reporting
  • See employee data in one dashboard
  • Get tax filing support from a team of certified payroll experts
  • Empower employees with self-service technology — online or with our award-winning mobile app that has 20 million users globally

Learn more about our approach to payroll.

Manage costs, simplify compliance and boost productivity

  • Reduce manual administration and get back to running your business by automating time and attendance and tracking time accurately and efficiently
  • Manage overtime and absences while optimizing staffing levels
  • Give your employees real-time, mobile access to their schedules, hours worked and vacation balances
  • Adapt to rapidly changing employment standards legislation
  • Manage payroll taxes without the hassle

Learn more about our approach to time and attendance management or see how time management works with ADP Workforce Now® by scheduling a custom demo.

Get a seat at the table with strategic HR management software

  • Identify trends and make educated business decisions and recommendations with better HR intelligence
  • Align performance and compensation with your business objectives
  • Reduce your administrative burdens by streamlining administrative processes and seamlessly integrating with payroll, time and attendance, and benefits
  • Communicate with your employees and build your company culture

You can also outsource some HR tasks, including talent management, payroll and more. Learn more about ADP’s HR and managed payroll solution: HR Service & Outsourcing

Acquire, manage and activate your people with a comprehensive suite of talent solutions

  • Put data to work for you to make fair and competitive offers to prospects and improve employee retention
  • Activate the potential of your people and turn natural talent into extraordinary performance
  • Connect your employees to their work and your business goals by helping them craft personal goals that contribute to yours, receive meaningful feedback and identify personalized development for better performance
  • Leverage strategic succession planning to help ensure that your business's values and culture endure as your workforce evolves
  • Provide exciting, innovative, personalized learning opportunities for your employees to help fuel their own innovation
  • Get a 360-view of internal candidates when it comes to their performance, growth opportunities and succession planning

Learn more about our approach to talent or see the powerful advantages of ADP Workforce Now®.

ADP Workforce Now® — Recruitment for Midsized Businesses

To attract top talent and turn amazing applicants into perfect hires, you need smart recruitment tools. ADP Workforce Now® — an all-in-one, connected solution for companies with more than 50 employees — simplifies recruitment so you can staff up with speed and confidence.

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See how ADP Workforce Now® works for your business.

ADP Workforce Now® brings it all together so you can see the big picture. Discover the easy-to-use, all-in-one platform that scales with you and integrates with all your favorite systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should midsize businesses outsource payroll?

Outsourcing payroll tax calculations, filings, and payments can benefit businesses significantly. However, when it comes to actual payroll processing, it might be more advantageous for midsize businesses to manage this task internally. Employing a dedicated internal HR, accounting, or payroll staff member to handle payroll through ADP’s payroll software can enhance your employees' experience. The internal employee would be well-versed with company policies and would have easy access to managers and supervisors. By maintaining payroll operations in-house and utilizing software that’s efficient, your company is less likely to overlook important payroll details such as employee bonuses, salary increases, overtime pay, and other elements that often require regular communication with managers and employees.

How do midsize businesses manage payroll?

Typically, midsize businesses rely on a small HR or accounting team to process their payroll. These staff members may have other critical areas of responsibility, which means they would find it difficult to dedicate all their time to payroll. In such cases, HR staff may require support from their payroll vendor to ensure payroll systems are running smoothly. In addition to that, midsize businesses can be exposed to compliance burdens due to their larger headcounts. ADP's payroll solutions offer a helping hand to such businesses by ensuring compliance with compensation laws and handling payroll administration. This way, HR staff can save time and focus on other important duties.

How do I select a payroll solution?

When selecting a payroll solution, consider a provider that aligns with your business’s size, sector, and the type of workforce you have (whether it includes employees that are across the border, remote, contractors, etc.). For a midsize business, it is important to look for a system that not only fits your current setup and workflows but also has the flexibility to adapt as you grow and hire more people. Contact our team today so they can provide you with comprehensive advice to assist you in your decision-making process.

What is the best payroll software for my midsize business?

There are a number of solutions on the market for midsize businesses; however, not all of them have the level of technology and the team of experts that will give you the best experience for managing your payroll. If you are interested in knowing how ADP’s payroll solutions will benefit your business, request a demo today!

How much does payroll cost?

The cost of a payroll solution is often based on the level of service and the quality of technology offered.

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