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All-in-one platform for payroll, HR, time, talent and benefits.

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ADP Workforce Now® features and benefits

Payroll, simplified

Everything you need to get payroll right.

Pay on time, avoid errors

Accurate pay, deductions and tax filings. Online reporting and analytics. Built-in alerts and calculations. Regulatory and compliance support for peace of mind.

View on any device

Insights pushed to executives and managers through mobile — plus employee access to pay stubs and Forms, T4s, time and attendance, and more.

ADP Workforce Now® Overview: All Things Pay

Simplify payroll with the help of ADP Workforce Now Payroll -ease your pay-related compliance worries, integrate seamlessly with your accounting systems and more.

Do time and attendance better

Time tracking, on the go

Web-based and mobile self-service that provides real time visibility into attendance, time off and overtime.

Easy for managers and employees

Manage by exception, and closely monitor attendance, absences and productivity.

Simplify compliance

Automate rules, time calculations, alerts, audits and reporting. Manage leave cases and attendance policies.

Manage labour costs

Proactively monitor overtime and hours, correct and approve timecards and expedite payroll processing.

ADP Workforce Now® Overview: Workforce Management

Control costs, boost productivity and gain peace of mind on compliance with ADP Workforce Now Workforce Management’s automated timekeeping and scheduling.

HR management, transformed

Transform HR management from an administrative function to a vital, strategic part of your business. Automate and streamline these key needs, and more:

  • Employee record keeping
  • New-hire onboarding
  • Policy acknowledgement
  • Workforce reporting
  • Employee status changes
  • Compliance tracking and reporting
  • Tracking awards, licenses, skills and certifications

Reduce paperwork

  • Preconfigured new-hire templates
  • Integrates with other systems
  • Employee self-service

ADP Workforce Now® Overview: Onboarding and HR Management

Deliver a seamless HR and welcoming onboarding experience while driving business results across all levels of your organization with ADP Workforce Now HR Management and Onboarding.

Better talent acquisition and management

Recruitment, screening and selection

Amplify your brand, culture and talent opportunities with a market-leading hiring process that attracts rock-star candidates right where they’re looking — on your custom career site and across social platforms. Avoid costly mistakes with screening and selection to understand your candidate’s background and ensure each new hire is the best hire.

Performance management

Automate performance management and reviews for managers and employees. Simple setup, intuitive workflows and customizable, ready-to-use templates keep the process moving with reminders and notifications that speed up the review and approval process.

Compensation planning

Attract and retain top talent with a clearly defined pay-for-performance compensation strategy. Control your bottom line, budget for increases, and reward top performers with a streamlined planning process that passes compensation adjustments automatically to your payroll.

ADP Workforce Now® Overview: Recruiting Management

Discover how ADP Workforce Now Recruitment, a streamlined recruitment solution in an all-in-one platform, that can help you attract the right people using technology and tools.

Benefits enrollment, on time and online

Simplify the process for you and your employees.

Streamline enrollment

Easy setup and year-round support. Status reports with all the details. Electronic invoicing to your carriers.

Provide an intuitive experience

Online shopping-like interface for employees.

Get cost visibility

Track and manage benefits costs — so you can save money.

ADP Workforce Now® Overview: Benefits

Manage costs while delivering a simplified benefits open enrollment experience to your employees with ADP Workforce Now Benefits.

Executive and manager insights

Don't spend time digging through data. Let ADP's artificial intelligence identify and push relevant, location-based insights to executives and managers about their teams through ADP® Mobile Solutions, so they can:

  • Quickly take action to address areas for improvement
  • Engage in stronger people management

ADP Workforce Now® Overview: Reporting & Analytics

Translate your workforce data into powerful insights for your business leaders, managers and overall organization with ADP Workforce Now.

The most flexible payroll and HR solution you’ll find.

ADP Workforce Now® delivers the versatility of an easy-to-use solution that scales with you — and the convenience of an all-in-one platform that seamlessly integrates with all your favorite systems. Discover how smarter HR software fits you.

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All in one, not one size fits all

Do you have too many systems and processes for managing employees? Manual data entry, piles of payroll paperwork and poor integration across systems can result in lost productivity and compliance errors.

ADP Workforce Now is a cloud-based platform for HR management software, where you can easily manage all of your HR functions — payroll, time, benefits, HR management and talent.

ADP Workforce Now® Overview

A complete, cloud-based HR suite, ADP Workforce Now is purposefully designed in a single database to help reduce errors, save time, and help all levels of your organization thrive.

Cross border: one single database for all your employees

ADP Workforce Now® provides a unified experience to manage employees in both the US and Canada without having to log-in to multiple accounts. Rely on a single database for all of your data. This capability will enable your organization to complete a task for an employee in either Canada or the US in one system.

One Pay Profile

ADP Workforce Now® allows practitioners to view all employees pay information in a single dashboard view.

One Payroll Schedule for US and Canada

Practitioners can now set up payroll schedules for both the US and Canada without dependencies on either country.

ADP Workforce Now® Overview

A complete, cloud-based HR suite, ADP Workforce Now is purposefully designed in a single database to help reduce errors, save time, and help all levels of your organization thrive.

ADP® Mobile Solutions: stay informed, productive and connected anytime, anywhere

For today’s workforce on the go, the ADP Mobile App places secure and convenient tools right in your hands.

Provide managers and employees increased confidence and control with this innovative mobile app for easy, real-time updates and self-service management. ADP’s mobile app provides your workforce with seamless and secure access to their payroll, time, benefits information and more.

ADP Workforce Now® Overview: Mobile

Equip employees and managers with anytime, anywhere access to their payroll, HR, time information and more so they can take action at their convenience with the top-rated ADP mobile app, now with Apple Watch capabilities.

Talent activation & development

ADP Workforce Now simplifies and streamlines how you manage your talent, allowing you to acquire the right candidates, onboard new hires, develop high-performance employees, and monitor and track compensation.

Recruit where it matters

Find and engage the right candidates with customized mobile optimized postings that get you noticed first. ADP helps ensure that your company is well equipped to hire your future workforce.

ADP Workforce Now® Overview: Recruiting Management

Discover how ADP Workforce Now Recruitment, a streamlined recruitment solution in an all-in-one platform, that can help you attract the right people using technology and tools.

Touchless time kiosk

The ADP Time Kiosk keeps your employees connected and helps turn your own device into a virtual time-clock for your team. Employees can clock in and out using Facial Recognition or a PIN code which automatically uploads their punches directly to their timecards. Additional features are available such as meal break punching, department transfers, and supplemental earnings entry.

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Improve decision-making and plan for the future.

Harness ADP's Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make informed decisions when hiring new staff or trimming current workforce levels. Reduce the potential for managerial missteps and bolster long-term gains by leveraging data-based insights.


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