ADP Canada Anti-Spam Commitment

With Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation and its relevant rules and regulations (“CASL”) having come into effect on July 1, 2014, ADP Canada Co. and its affiliates that have operations in Canada or Associates located in Canada or conducting business activities with prospects/clients located in Canada (“ADP Canada”) are committed to providing transparency to outside parties with respect to our compliance with CASL.

This ADP Canada Anti-Spam Commitment is a formal statement of rights and obligations which is made available to outside parties, such as you. It is intended to inform you about: (a) the type of responsible and transparent practices adopted by ADP Canada when electronically communicating with outside parties, (b) who you may contact at ADP Canada for any concern pertaining to our electronic communications, and (c) where and how you may unsubscribe from receiving commercial electronic messages from ADP Canada.

  1. How is Spam Regulated?

    CASL regulates all commercial electronic messages (“CEMs”), which are messages that include among their purposes, the encouragement of participation in a commercial activity. CASL’s regulators, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (“CRTC”), the Competition Bureau and the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, are responsible for enforcing CASL, and have developed additional rules and guidance regulating electronic communications.

    Any electronic communication sent by ADP Canada to outside parties is protected by a range of business procedures, processes and policies to ensure that such communication is made in compliance with CASL.

  2. Why are you receiving electronic messages from ADP Canada?

    Like most Canadian businesses today, ADP Canada sends a variety of electronic messages to outside parties in the normal course of doing business. Although, not an exhaustive list, the most common types of electronic messages we generate include:

    1. Messages from ADP Canada Marketing or Sales teams sent to current or potential clients (whether individuals or businesses), for prospecting purposes, to promote new ADP products and services, to share industry news and provide thought leadership, or in order to respond to a request for information or an inquiry;
    2. Messages from one of ADP Canada’s operations sent to current or potential service providers seeking a third party’s services (such as a translation service provider, delivery services, executive search firms, consulting services, etc.) or messages from ADP Canada’s HR department to contact potential candidates electronically for recruitment purposes.
    3. Messages sent to current or potential new business partners relative to a commercial arrangement, such as financial institutions, governmental agencies, franchise partners, accountant channel partners, among others.
    4. Messages sent by our service delivery teams and other ADP Associates to current clients in the context of delivering the ADP services that our clients have purchased.

    Not all of these messages are subject to CASL; and not all types of messages may require your consent. Most importantly, if you are a current client of ADP Canada, you will continue to receive electronic messages sent to you in the normal course of delivering the ADP Services you or your company have purchased, as they are exempt under CASL.

  3. What is ADP Canada doing to comply with CASL?

    For those messages that are CEMs and subject to CASL requirements, ADP Canada has undertaken various initiatives in order to make sure we comply with CASL. In addition to adopting this Anti-Spam Commitment, ADP Canada has taken the following actions:

    1. ADP Canada has adopted a Preference Center

      ADP Canada has developed and rolled-out the ADP Canada Preference Centre to enable us to manage CASL’s consent requirements.

      The ADP Canada Preference Centre makes it easy for the people and organizations with whom we interact (our contacts, prospective clients, current clients, service providers, and business partners) to modify the types of content and communications they receive from ADP Canada without the need to completely unsubscribe from our contact list. Your preferences can be updated at any time by visiting the ADP Canada Preference Centre, which can be accessed via our website at

      In order for you to change your email address, you will need to unsubscribe your old email address and enter your new email address with associated preferences into the ADP Canada Preference Center.

    2. ADP Canada has modified its forms in order to collect express consent

      ADP Canada has modified certain of our web-forms and other forms where we collect contact information for a specified purpose (e.g. contests, information requests, etc.) to also request the individual’s express consent and permission to continue communicating with them electronically.

    3. ADP Canada has modified its email footers

      ADP Canada has modified its email footers to manage CASL’s prescribed form and content requirements when sending CEMs. Our CASL-compliant email footers: clearly identify the ADP legal entity sending the message; provide the recipient with our mailing address where they can contact ADP Canada; and contain a link to the ADP Canada Preference Centre where the recipient can unsubscribe from further CEMs if they wish.

      More specifically, CASL compliant email footers have been created and added to the systems we use in order to deploy all mass email marketing and promotional communications sent from ADP Canada, and to the Microsoft Outlook signature block of all ADP Canada Sales Associates, as they customarily engage in sending electronic messages that qualify as CEMs.

    4. ADP Canada has incorporated Unsubscribe Mechanisms

      As noted above, ADP Canada has incorporated an unsubscribe mechanism into its standard CASL- compliant email footers. By including a link to the ADP Canada Preference Centre in applicable email footers, ADP Canada has set up a uniform standard automated process in order to ensure that unsubscribe requests will be complied with in a timely manner.

    5. ADP Canada has developed CASL Awareness Training for all ADP Canada Associates

      ADP Canada has developed and made available CASL training programs for ADP Canada Associates, and ADP Canada Associates are required to acknowledge having read and understood and complied with the ADP Canada Anti-Spam Policy on an annual basis. ADP Canada has also developed supplementary training and operational process changes for those groups of ADP Canada Associates (more specifically, Sales and Marketing) which send the majority of ADP Canada’s CEMs.

  4. What if you no longer wish to receive CEMs from ADP Canada?

    At ADP Canada, we take the respect of laws very seriously. You may unsubscribe at any time from receiving CEMs from ADP Canada using one of the unsubscribe methods below, and we will remove you from our list within ten (10) business days of receipt of your request:

    1. Visit the ADP Canada Preference Centre accessible at; or
    2. Write to us at: ADP Canada Co., 3250 Bloor Street West, 16th Floor, Etobicoke, Ontario, M8X 2X9, Attention: Marketing Department – CASL Consent; or
    3. Contact the ADP Canada Marketing Department via email at
    4. Keep in mind, however, that if you are a current client of ADP Canada, you will continue to receive electronic messages sent to you in the normal course of delivering the ADP Services you or your company have purchased, as they are exempt under CASL.

  5. Amendment of this ADP Canada Anti-Spam Commitment

    From time to time, ADP Canada will review and update this Anti-Spam Commitment as required to keep current with CASL, new technologies, our business practices and outside parties’ concerns. We will post any Anti-Spam Commitment changes on this page and, if the changes are significant, we will provide a more prominent notice.

  6. Who do I contact with questions or concerns about this ADP Canada Anti-Spam Commitment?

    If you need further assistance, please contact the ADP Canada Privacy Officer either by writing to us at ADP Canada Co., 3250 Bloor Street West, 16th Floor, Etobicoke, Ontario, M8X 2X9, Attention: Legal Department, or by clicking to submit your inquiry to our Privacy Officer via email.

This ADP Canada Anti-Spam Commitment was last updated on March 17th, 2022.

Please note that both the English and French versions of our Anti-Spam Commitment have equal legal value.