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Date Event Location Register
10/13/2020 Unlock your team’s productivity with learning solution Absorb Online Register
10/07/2020 Drive employee engagement by developing ALL leaders with Compass Online Register
9/23/2020 ADP CSO Matt Levin & ZipRecruiter CEO Ian Siegel talk talent strategy in the post-pandemic world Online Register
9/17/2020 Using Technology to Redefine Work Online Register
9/16/2020 Learn a Latte: the secret ritual for quickly ramping up to 100% productivity. Online Register
8/12/2020 Learning in a virtual world (Available in French only) Online Register
8/04/2020 Your New Normal needs New Workforce Management Solutions Online Register
7/28/2020 The New Normal: 7 Workforce Management Best Practices Online Register
7/10/2020 Connecting with a remote workforce Online Register
6/26/2020 Leadership, Talent Acquisition – Attracting Talent during Uncertain Times Online Register
6/25/2020 Leadership, Personal Growth & Organization Effectiveness Online Register
6/24/2020 The New Hiring Landscape: Embrace technology and enhance your company’s recruitment and onboarding experience Online Register
5/29/2020 Looking Beyond the Curve: Recovery and Engagement in the New World of Work. Online Recording
5/29/2020 COVID-19 and Canadian Workplaces: Key Considerations for Employers Online Recording
5/29/2020 Learning in a Virtual World Online Recording
5/29/2020 The Future of Pay Online Recording
5/20/2020 The Evolution of HR Tech — and How You Can Easily Get On Board Online Register
5/05/2020 Unlocking the Power of the Gig Economy Online Register
4/14/2020 Global workforces, global challenges – Changing expectations around global pay Online Recording
4/07/2020 Navigating COVID-19 – Managing Workplace Impact Online Recording
4/01/2020 Keeping your remote team engaged Online Recording
3/10/2020 The Evolving Learning & Development Expectations of Your Employees Online Recording
2/11/2020 Compass® powered by ADP®: A Next-Gen 360 Tool that Drives Measurable Leadership Development Online Recording
2/10/2020 Identify and overcome your global growth blindspot Online Recording
2/04/2020 StandOut in 2020: A Research-Based Way to Build a High-Performance Organization Online Recording
1/28/2020 ADP Workforce Now® Onboarding: Rethinking New Hire Engagement in a People-Driven Workplace Online Recording
1/15/2020 2020 Talent Trends: How to Get Ahead of the Next Decade Online Recording
11/20/2019 Workplace Spotlight: Strategies to Comply with Privacy Laws Across the Globe Online Recording
10/30/2019 Pay Equity in Canada: Risk, Reward and Obligation (French) Online Recording
10/23/2019 Pay Equity in Canada: Risk, Reward and Obligation (English) Online Recording
10/18/2019 ADP Workforce Now: A Complete HR Suite Online Recording
10/18/2019 ADP Workforce Now Workforce Management Online Recording
10/01/2019 ADP Workforce Now Employee Self-Service Online Recording
7/18/2019 Workplace Spotlight: Deconstructing Talent Best Practices to Find What Really Works Online Recording
7/16/2019 How to create your account with the ADP Mobile App Online Recording
7/16/2019 How to install the ADP Mobile App Online Recording
7/16/2019 How to instantly access your pay information with the ADP Mobile App Online Recording
7/16/2019 How to use Manager Self-Service on the ADP Mobile App Online Recording
3/26/2019 Workplace Compliance Spotlight: Navigating Canadian Employment Law and HR Strategy Online Recording
1/23/2019 StandOut: Engagement Online Recording
1/23/2019 StandOut: Performance Acceleration and Performance Measurement Online Recording

Date Show Name Venue Location Participation Speaker
09/22/2020 - 09/23/2020 HR Tech Virtual Summit Online Sponsor Aaron Hudson
09/08/2020 - 09/10/2020 Future Work Canada Online Sponsor Aaron Hudson