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Increase engagement and fuel performance by leveraging the strengths of your people.

Drive performance through strengths-based engagement

People who use their strengths at work consistently outperform those who don’t. What if you could unlock the natural talents of every member of your workforce?

StandOut® is a talent activation platform that combines a strengths-based approach with personalized coaching built on the practices of the world’s best team leaders. With it, you can empower your leaders to build engaged, high-performing teams that deliver results for your business. See a demo to learn how it works and to get pricing information.

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Discover Talent Activation with StandOut

StandOut is a unified talent activation solution designed for team leaders to help turn their people’s natural talent into extraordinary performance.

Proven Results

Certain StandOut clients have experienced¹:

Overall engagement
increases up to 92 percent

Upticks in engagement in as
little as 58 days

Sustained adoption up to
99 percent

StandOut features and benefits

Empower team leaders to build on team strengths

Engagement is — and always will be — fluid, which is why most annual engagement surveys fall flat. StandOut is different. It’s based on daily, in-the-field interactions. It asks the questions that measure factors most likely to predict engagement behaviors that lead to performance.

Because 70 percent of employee engagement is due to the team leader,²

StandOut focuses on helping team leaders engage with their teams in dynamic, meaningful ways. Here’s how:

  • A strengths assessment reveals to the team leader the unique strengths of each person, because strengths are the key to unlocking outstanding performance
  • Personalized coaching — based on the practices of the world’s best leaders — is delivered to team leaders to support them in having weekly, light-touch conversations with team members about near-term work

StandOut: Engagement

Learn how StandOut accurately measures and improves employee engagement.

Separate measurement from acceleration

Performance measurement and performance acceleration are two different practices, with different needs. Most goal-setting, ratings and competency tools tend to mash them together, solving neither effectively.

StandOut empowers team leaders to drive team performance by separating measurement from acceleration:

  • To drive performance acceleration, leaders receive personalized coaching and tools to support weekly check-ins with team members — one of the most effective practices for motivating employees
  • To drive effective measurement, StandOut offers a proprietary feedback system that neutralizes the “unconscious rater bias” most leaders employ, which means their ratings tend to reflect themselves and not the person being rated

StandOut: Performance Acceleration and Performance Measurement

Learn how to use StandOut Check-Ins and Performance Pulse to solve for both performance measurement and acceleration in your organization.

Fuel individual performance through team leaders

All companies face the challenge of understanding how to measure leader performance and its effect on the organization. Research has shown that high engagement starts with the team leader.

Drive results for your organization by empowering your leaders to turn natural talents into extraordinary employee performance. StandOut delivers a proprietary, proven method to engage leaders and teams through impactful weekly check-ins, coaching and insights focused on near-term work.

Drive the outcomes that matter most to your organization

Actionable data insights equip you and your leaders to create more teams like your best-performing teams. StandOut measures engagement reliably across static and dynamic teams, in real time.

Generate reliable engagement and performance data with StandOut to:

  • See into the organization at the team level
  • Assess team members’ performance
  • Identify factors that differentiate your high-performing teams
  • Address immediate challenges and opportunities
  • Inform succession and leadership decisions

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  2. Gallup, 2015.

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