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Improved time and attendance tracking, absence tracking and scheduling. And that's just the beginning.

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Better manage employee time — and save more of your own.

Whether you have a few employees or thousands, you can benefit from time-saving automation, payroll integration and real-time reporting.

Make time tracking easy, convenient and accurate — for employees and managers

  • Eliminate paper timesheets with digital time clocking and save employees up to 30 minutes per month¹
  • Save an average of 40 minutes per week per manager with automated alerts, timecard approvals, scheduling, exception reports and more²
  • Improve timecard accuracy and avoid "buddy punching" by using time clocks with optional finger-scan verification

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Promote proper staffing and reduce labour costs

  • With scheduling, attendance and leave management features, it can help automate complex tasks and allow you to spend less on labour, saving up to 33 percent in unplanned overtime³
  • Gain visibility into actual costs vs. scheduled, earned hours, overtime and other real-time reporting that can help you and your managers stay on budget

Easily track and manage leaves, accruals and attendance

  • Gain visibility into vacation time accrued versus time taken
  • Check complete attendance history and monitor absence trends
  • Track leave eligibility and concurrent leave requests automatically and apply approved leave time to schedules and timecards
  • Analyze absence trends, reduce absenteeism, have better control of paid time off and leaves of absence

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