Manage workforce time and attendance in Canada and the U.S.

With ADP Workforce Manager, experience time tracking that’s easy, convenient, and accurate — for both employees and managers north and south of the border.

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Features and benefits

Discover how your business can benefit using ADP Workforce Manager.

Complete time-sensitive tasks on the go

ADP Workforce Manager gives managers and employees flexibility to connect, communicate, and stay in sync.

  • Check schedules and more from your device of choice – time clock, kiosk app, mobile device, or desktop
  • 24/7 self-service access to scheduling, time and attendance tracking, time related approvals, and more
Female employee checking her mobile phone which displays an ADP Workforce Manager notification for Approved Request for Cover

Accurate and consistent employee time tracking

Whether the challenge is complex pay policies or multiple locations in Canada and the U.S., ADP Workforce Manager:

  • Integrates complex payrolls and automates time-consuming calculations such as multiple jobs, rates, and more
  • Records time through web-based timesheets, mobile apps, touch-screen time clocks, and kiosk apps
  • Reduces payroll errors and eliminates manual time entries for payroll
ADP Workforce Manager Time Dashboard showing Things to Do, Quick Links, Who’s in Today, Who’s Out, Unplanned Hours, and Overtime

Streamlined process for managing absences

Unplanned absences on top of planned absences can be costly. With ADP Workforce Manager, you can accurately comply with time-off policies and regulations:

  • Provide access to accrued time-off balances quickly
  • Track leave requests, eligibility, and documentation
  • Analyze absence trends compared to industry benchmarks to address root causes of unplanned absences
Mobile phone displaying ADP Workforce Manager application page for Team Time Off, Balance, and PTO record

Efficiently schedule employees

ADP Workforce Manager is designed to schedule your employees in a more effective and efficient way:

  • Access accrual balances, time-off calendars, employee availability calendars, and view open shift requests to make the best possible scheduling decisions
  • Assign required skills and certifications to specific jobs so the system can warn you of potential schedule violations
  • View overtime projections and make changes as needed to reduce overtime costs
  • Leverage AI and machine learning to recommend shift swaps and approvals
Chart showing Metrics Details for Overtime with comparaison of current month, ADP benchmark, and internal benchmark  

Make informed decisions

Make sense of compelling people analytics for effective decision-making and strategic planning, including:

  • KPIs that use clear visualizations to help align operations to business goals and reduce labour costs
  • Proactive alerts that help trigger immediate labour decisions impacting the top and bottom lines
  • Mobile access to data, charts, schedules, and more
  • ADP benchmark data – the industry’s largest dataset to help you compare your overtime and absence data vs companies of similar size, geography and industry
Chart showing Metrics Details for Overtime with comparaison of current month, ADP benchmark, and internal benchmark

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