If you’re starting a small business or a small business owner paying employees on your own or working with an accountant, you might not be aware of what’s available to you by working with a payroll provider. Many leading providers offer features like employee self-service, mobile access, integration with time and attendance, payroll tax management, and electronic payment options.

ADP’s payroll checklist provides a guide to the latest payroll software tools, which you can use to evaluate vendors. When you find a payroll service provider who can handle your needs, you may have more time to focus on growing your business and your profits.

How to compare payroll services

So, what do you get with a payroll provider? Here are some of the core features you should expect and look for when you compare payroll services or evaluate vendors:

Payroll processing

  • Payroll calculations
  • Pay with direct deposit and cheques
  • Convenient access to payroll support specialists


  • Payroll tax calculations and remittance
  • Year end and all T4 slips
  • Third party remittances (including garnishments, RRSPs, TFSAs, etc.)
  • Guidance on payroll deductions and payroll compliance
  • Tax calculations and remittance
  • Wage garnishment remittance

Time and attendance

  • Integration between Time and Payroll solution to automatically share employee data
  • Paid and unpaid time-off tracking, including vacation time, medical/parental leave, sick days and personal days


  • Easy access to and filing of T4s, T4A, and Relevés
  • Notifications about regulatory changes in wage and tax law


  • New-hire reporting
  • Support for T4s, T4A, and Relevés

Mobile access

  • Employers can run payroll, create and manage timesheets, and check tax payments from any device, anytime
  • Employees can use a mobile device to clock-in or out within a designated geographic range
  • Employee access to pay stubs and personal information


  • Reporting available across all aspects of the payroll process: payroll, tax and time and attendance


  • Integration of payroll with time and attendance solution to prevent redundant data entry and reduce errors
  • Integration of payroll with related functions like time and attendance and RRSP to prevent redundant data entry and reduce errors

New COVID-related regulations

For updates on COVID-related legislation that impacts payroll and tax filing, please visit our ADP Employer Preparedness Toolkit: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

How ADP can help small business payroll processing

ADP offers small business payroll processing services to meet your needs, with flexible and affordable options that can save you time and help you comply with regulations. Some of our products also include a suite of HR features. Learn more or download our Small Business Payroll Buyer’s Checklist.

ADP offers payroll services to meet your needs, with flexible and affordable options for any business. Some of our small business payroll offerings also include a suite of HR features.

This information is provided for educational purposes only and should not be construed as tax or legal advice. ADP encourages readers to consult with appropriate legal and/or tax advisors.