by Cat DiStasio

Employers that operate on the leading edge of recruitment trends will have an edge in attracting top talent and strengthening their brand. Technology tools, workplace culture, and diversity initiatives can all help organizations successfully compete for top talent.

Recruiting continues to evolve with trends shifting in response to economic changes, advances in technology, and new generations of talent entering the market. Employers that react to these crucial trends and adjust their talent acquisition strategies find it easier to compete for top talent and achieve recruiting goals.

Economic uncertainty and a global pandemic have upended recruiting and forced recruiters to develop and sustain new recruiting practices now and in the future.

Three critical recruitment trends have emerged. By investigating and understanding each of them, talent acquisition leaders can better prepare their teams and systems to compete in tight talent markets.

Trend #1: Recruiting is increasingly tech-centered

In recent years, advancements in technology have led to new tools and systems that help recruiters do more with less. We are at a critical point in the technological transformation of recruiting. Machine learning and AI tools are becoming more pervasive and, most importantly, more efficient and accurate.

These tools work well at the top of the recruiting funnel for things like advertising jobs more effectively, screening resumes and applications for basic requirements, and streamlining the application process using recruiting chatbots. Shifting tedious tasks from people to tech tools frees up recruiters to spend more time passively sourcing and building relationships with top talent.

Tech tools can also help level the playing field for candidates of all backgrounds and remove bias.

"The emerging AI efforts around recruitment will be impactful for hiring people for technical roles," says Tracy Schaefer, Vice President, Talent Acquisition, at ADP. "Across the industry, these efforts will help remove any unconscious bias and help select or identify candidates based on their skills. Due to the pandemic, more companies are moving to remote workplaces, which opens up candidate pools to help select the best talent across the nation."

Trend #2: Tech talent prioritizes team culture

Workplace culture, among other things, matters to technology job seekers. That's why you should highlight what separates your company from your competition throughout the recruiting process, including the aspects tech talent values most.

For ADP, our value proposition includes a collaborative culture, complex problems that need solving at scale, and career opportunity. "At ADP, we can make a compelling case for career mobility. We have a large tech organization that spans a wide spectrum of roles," says Liz Gelb-O'Connor, Vice President, Global Head Employer Brand and Marketing. "People can establish an incredible career here and still change jobs every two years."

Changing your mindset to favor experience over requiring degrees can expand your talent pool. "Boot camps and non-traditional technical programs allow people to learn the latest technologies without a four-year computer science degree or a master's program," says Schaefer. "This has opened up the candidate pool and enabled people to switch careers in less time without the financial burden."

Trend #3: Centering diversity initiatives — and doing the work

The best tech talent chooses to work with organizations that understand and clearly articulate the need for a commitment to equity and diversity through thoughtful policies, transparent practices, and proven results. There's no better way to educate job seekers than throughout your recruitment marketing efforts.

Technology and storytelling are both keys to achieving diversity and recruiting goals. Building a narrative around diversity in your recruitment marketing campaigns goes far beyond storytelling. Inclusion should be an integral part of your workplace culture through internal affinity groups, values, and hard numbers.

Forecasting future recruitment trends

Employers that operate on the leading edge of recruitment trends will have an advantage in attracting top talent and strengthening their brand. To be successful, recruiting campaigns should place the candidate experience at the center, using a combination of technology and storytelling to achieve successful recruiting outcomes. Understanding what your organization offers is critical for effective recruitment marketing.

How companies show up when it comes to a serious commitment to equity and justice will shape the next era of tech recruiting.

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