Here’s why CDI continues to partner with ADP to simplify payroll and compliance for employees in 45 states.

… to have all of our onboarding tools online, so we’re paperless from an offer perspective and the initial onboarding paperwork … we can enhance that entire process.

Jessica Larson, Senior Vice President of HR
Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI)

Challenges CDI faced:

  • Ongoing growth, both organic and through mergers and acquisitions
  • Ensuring payroll taxes and compliance are up to date across 45 states
  • Enhancing recruitment strategy to make it a better prospective employee experience

How ADP helped

  • Offered product, pricing, and support that met CDI’s needs and exceeded options offered by competitor
  • Keeps CDI continuously up to date on employment-related tax and payment regulations, benefits, and ACA compliance
  • Recruitment Management module has enabled social network postings and simplified, paperless new hire offer and onboarding documents