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Protecting Your Data

We’re doing everything we can to protect your data, but your participation in security and privacy are essential.

First, know that ADP will not request sensitive personal information such as Social Insurance Numbers, login credentials, or bank or credit card information via unsolicited phone, email, or internet-based communications. If this information is ever requested in a communication that you did not initiate, it is an indicator of a scam.

Please review the following best practices to help protect your organization and employees from these common types of scams and fraud:

Phishing and fraudulent emails

Social scams

Identity theft

Fraudulent cheque scams

Payroll fraud

In addition, here are some general best practices for privacy and security that everyone at your organization should keep in mind:


  • If an email seems suspicious, do not click on any of the links or open any attachments in the email. If you do, your computer can become infected with malware
  • Let us know right away if you receive a suspicious email that looks like it is coming from ADP. Forward the original email you received as an attachment or a description of the text message to
  • To learn more about protecting yourself against phishing and fraudulent emails, please go here

Your ADP Product

  • Only provide access to your ADP systems to authorized employees
  • Change your password frequently—at least every 3 months
  • Do not share your password
  • Do not allow the sharing of passwords among employees
  • Properly protect and dispose of ADP reports and electronic media provided to you

For more tips on how to help keep your business credentials secure, review this infographic.

Your Systems

  • Keep all of your work areas clear of confidential information and properly secure
  • Install and continually update your anti-virus and anti-malware programs on your computer
  • Encrypt your confidential and/or sensitive information


  • Be careful of pop-up messages that prompt you to update your computer when you are visiting a website
  • Enable your privacy and security profile settings to restrict access to your personal information when you are using social media sites
  • Never give out personal information to anyone unless you have initiated the request and verified the recipient is legitimate

To contact the Privacy & Data Governance team, please send your requests to

View our Global Privacy Policy Statement for ADP Clients