ADP SmartCompliance™ Employment Tax

Simplify and unify HCM compliance processes by integrating your ADP and Workday systems with ADP SmartCompliance.

Employment Tax

Employment tax integrated

Keeping your company compliant with employment tax laws and requirements is a challenge. However, as a midsized (50-999 employees) or large business (1000+ employees), you can reduce many of the time-consuming tasks without compromising your visibility into the entire process with the help of ADP SmartCompliance.

The ADP SmartCompliance Employment Tax lets you spend less time chasing tax changes or updating IT systems, and more time focusing on other important business tasks and goals.

Hassle-free compliance assistance

Our systems are set up to align with today’s employment tax-related compliance requirement. ADP SmartCompliance:

  • Adapts to agency remittance frequency
  • Tracks and responds to evolving legislation
  • Responds to agency notices and interactions

Accurate and quick filing

ADP SmartCompliance Employment Tax is continually updated with specific jurisdictional requirements, helping to ensure that you can quickly and accurately:

  • Set up automated deposits of federal and provincial payroll taxes

Timely reporting

As an ADP SmartCompliance client, you’ll have 24/7 online access that puts everything you need to know at your fingertips and helps you prioritize any actions required of you, including:

  • Logically organized and intuitively formatted employment tax reports
  • Timely confirmation of deposits

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