Payroll for one employee

Paying your first employee is a big moment. ADP can help make sure you get it right.

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Affordable payroll for one employee (or more)

ADP has payroll products priced for businesses of any size, even those with only one employee. Best of all, you only pay for the services you need today. And as you grow and hire additional people, you can easily add more features. We’ll set you up with a service that helps you meet both your goals and your budget from the start.

Benefits of ADP’s payroll services for one employee

The ideal time to invest in automated payroll software is when you’ve hired your first employee. Start with a solution that frees up your time now and over the long run.

Payroll that helps save time and money

If you’re like most small business owners, you’d rather be spending your time perfecting your product or service, not calculating payroll deductions and signing cheques. ADP’s payroll software automates those tasks so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business. Our small business payroll can also help you avoid penalties for filing payroll taxes late or incorrectly.

Access to compliance tools and tips

With just one employee, you might think you can manage payroll on your own, but complexities can arise from more than just the size of your workforce. Regulations, for instance, are constantly changing and noncompliance is costly. That’s why ADP’s payroll software  is designed to help you manage compliance-related items.

Trusted support when you need it

Your employee relies on you for prompt wage payments, and you can count on us to help you deliver on that promise. Our knowledgeable payroll professionals can answer your questions. And if something does go wrong, we’ll work to correct it and keep your payroll running smoothly.

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Quickly set up payroll for one employee

Some payroll providers take a hands-off approach to installation, leaving you only with message boards and blogs for assistance. Not ADP, though. We pride ourselves on a simple set up and have live people to help you throughout every step. So, if you have details about your employee and your business handy, you can be up and running with our payroll software quickly.

Top FAQs about payroll for one employee

What is the easiest payroll software to use?

There are dozens of payroll companies out there, all offering different levels of usability. Some are more “DIY,” while others may send a company representative to your business to train you on the product. The easiest solution for you will depend on your needs.

How do I do payroll manually?

Processing payroll manually requires painstaking data entry and recordkeeping and the ability to meet deadlines. If you choose to pay your one employee this way, you’ll need to:

  1. Agree upon a salary or hourly wage
  2. Use a time clock or other means to track hours worked
  3. Calculate gross wages
  4. Deduct any other pre-tax benefits you offer
  5. Withhold any taxes that apply
  6. Calculate employer contributions to CPP, employment insurance
  7. Deduct garnishments and post-tax benefits, if applicable
  8. Pay your employee by cheque or direct deposit

Keep in mind that even with just one employee, there’s a chance you can make a mistake when processing payroll manually, which may result in fines from government agencies.

How much does ADP charge for one employee payroll?

Cost is an important consideration for any business, but it’s also important to think about the overall value you’ll receive from a payroll service provider. ADP offers various levels of customer support, integrations, and related products, which affect price totals. We’ll work with you to determine the package that best suits your business needs.

How do I set up payroll for one employee?

To pay your one employee, whether you’re doing it yourself or working with a payroll service provider, you will need:

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