A look into the attitudinal shift towards the traditional workplace and details for what’s to come


Episode 8
October 1, 2020

With half of the labour force back to work, and more expected to shortly return, we’re experiencing a new way in how, when and where work takes place. Is traditional office-life out-of-date? Listen in, for answers to this and more as an in-depth analysis of ADP’s latest Workplace Insights Study is offered and a panel of 2 HR Experts offer their top strategies and tactics to embrace today’s new mix of in-office and remote work.

Featured Guests: ADP Business Anthropologist Martha Bird and VP of Communications Heather Haslam.

Topics Discussed: redefining an organization’s purpose, remote work, HR digital acceleration & transformation, the worker’s perception on returning to the workplace and the future of accessing talent.

What will the workplace look like in 2 years? Tune in and find out!

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