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Advantages: Powerful HCM solutions - Built for the Way You Work

Whether you're in HR, technology or finance, you face unique business problems. ADP Workforce Now® is a single solution built to overcome these complex challenges – wherever they appear in your organization.

For Business Owners

Are you spending too much time, money and resources on infrastructure management solutions that aren’t delivering what your company really needs? All too often business owners buy a single point solution to help solve a specific business challenge only to then realize it doesn’t integrate, scale or provide the automation and visibility across their entire organization. This results in disconnects across the organization and operating silos.

ADP will help you remove silos and enable all the elements of your human capital management infrastructure to seamlessly work together. Let ADP show you how we can help lower costs, increase workforce productivity and help positively impact on your bottom line. Contact us so we can show you how.

For Human Resources Professionals

Would you prefer to focus on strategy or time-intensive manual tasks? Running a Human Resources department can be challenging. More and more strategic Human Resources decisions are becoming an essential ingredient to business success.

How you manage employee populations must be secure, and your Human Resources systems need to provide actionable data and be simple to integrate into other business operations. See what it’s like to spend more time on strategy and people, and less time on paperwork. Contact us so we can show you how.


“See how ADP's unique approach helps provide the right combination of solutions and services to work together to create harmony, lower costs, and maximize profits.”

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For Finance Professionals

What makes a successful company? A successful company is a complex collection of separate but interdependent systems. And within this complex system, there are many measures of success. That’s why many companies see their P&L as a scorecard. A scorecard for not only how much revenue they generate, but also for how efficiently and effectively they generate that revenue.

Efficient and effective companies need an infrastructure that supports, scales, and manages their largest asset – their people. ADP can help provide businesses with greater insight, intelligence, and most importantly, options, to help bring the results they want to their P&L scorecard. Contact us so we can show you how.


“ADP can help eliminate the vicious cycle of just buying solutions to fix problems to enable a greater financial impact on your bottom line by focusing on the throughout your company's P&L.”

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