ADP Workforce Now® Features

One Single Database

For All Your Employees

ADP Workforce Now® provides a unified experience to manage employees in both Canada and US without having to log-in to multiple accounts.

For All Your Data

Rely on a single database for all of your data. This capability will enable your organization to complete a task for an employee in either Canada or the US in one system.

One single database - ADP Workforce Now
Pay Profile - ADP Workforce Now

One Pay Profile

ADP Workforce Now® allows practitioners to view all employees pay information in a single dashboard view.

View by Country Canada FlagUS Flag

Practitioners can view the Country flag that indicates where the employee works.

View by Employee

Finding employees is easy whether they are in Canada or the US.

Easy Search

Use the employee search to display list of employees and associated country the employee is hired in.

One Payroll Schedule
For Canada and US

Practitioners can now set up payroll schedules for both Canada and the US without dependencies on either country.
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One payroll schedule - ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now® Benefits

Improving HR

Streamlined and guided process available
for all your HR needs.

Talent Activation

Easily hire, attract and
identify top talent.

Smart Payroll

Allows you to run off cycle payrolls without impacting regular payroll cycles.

Single Database

Seamless look and feel whether you are completing a task for an employee in Canada or the US.

Reporting Insights

Easy access to contextualize data that helps you make better business decisions.

ADP Marketplace

Expanding your business on both sides of the border with integrated partners.

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