Online HR software

Even if human resources isn’t your strong suit, online HR software from ADP can assist you in managing your employees and help you handle complex compliance regulations like a pro.

Help protect your small business with online HR software

Without the proper HR know-how, you could be setting yourself up for costly fines and penalties, and even litigation. Minimize your risk with the tools and resources available to you through ADP’s online HR software. Our easy-to-use technology can help you tackle daily tasks or solve unexpected challenges and it’s backed by a support team of HR specialists.

Features and benefits of ADP’s online HR software

Create a handbook tailored for you!

Employee handbooks are important because they help you establish rules for your small business. That’s why ADP’s online HR software helps you create professional, custom handbooks to help you set workplace expectations and manage compliance risks. You can choose from a library of policies, get recommendations based on your business, and receive alerts when a policy is updated because of regulatory changes.

Hire the right people with ease!

Hiring employees can be a difficult task. As such, our small business solution integrates with ZipRecruiter® to help you grow your team effectively. You can use ADP to post jobs to 100+ recruiting sites with one click, reach millions of job seekers, and invite the most qualified candidates to apply.

Instant access to knowledge at your fingertips!

HR can be complex and small businesses like yours may want extra support. With our online HR software, you can access essential everyday resources to help you manage HR effectively. This includes HR documents, tips and newsletters, compliance alerts, and much more!

Online HR software FAQs

Why is HR software important?

HR software is important because it makes it easier to manage employees and HR activities. With the right solution, small businesses can hire employees easily, be confident in navigating HR policies, and simplify HR tasks.

What is online HR software?

Online HR software is a digital solution that has tools to help small business owners manage their people and comply with employment regulations. This includes legal services, live helpdesk, employee handbook, employee recruiting, a portal of online resources, and much more!