We had the task of taking an existing company in two locations in Canada, with a complex workforce (hourly and salary employees and union and non-union employees) and moving them over to our Intertape ADP Workforce Now platform. It was a challenging task, and we had a short window of four weeks to get it done. Thank you for my great ADP Workforce Now implementation.

I have only written about four recommendations in my 32-year career, and this is one of the four. Our ADP Implementation Specialist did such a great job for us. She rose above and beyond – she was truly exceptional.

Mel Lugo, Intertape Polmer Group

Mel Lugo, Director, Payroll
Intertape Polymer Group

The challenges Intertape Polymer Group faced:

  • Workforce spread across multiple locations and with a mix of hourly and salary, union and non-union workers meant a complex HR and Payroll situation
  • Implement the new solution within four weeks

How ADP helped:

  • Fast-tracked the implementation process
  • One source of data for entire workforce within one platform results in easier management of HR and Payroll