SPIROL Industries is the Canadian division of SPIROL International, a leading manufacturer of engineered fasteners, shims, pin and insert installation machines, and parts-feeding equipment. Learn more how ADP Workforce Now® allows companies, like SPIROL, to triple production and double the number of employees in a short timeframe while freeing up significant time and resources for HR staff to focus on bigger and better things by offering more self-service solutions.

I don’t know how you put a price on the time we spend on things like tracking down pay stubs or checking available holiday time. Over time they end up taking far longer than you would like. ADP Workforce Now® has freed up significant time and resources for our staff to focus on bigger and better things.

Spirol Industries

Faith Laframboise, Manager of Human Resources
SPIROL Industries

The challenges SPIROL Industries faced:

  • Extremely fast growth of both product portfolio and workforce placed a heavy strain on existing HR and Payroll system
  • Needed to streamline processes to reduce requirement for additional administrative resources
  • Limited access to real time reporting, reducing line of sight to scheduling and attendance
  • HR being slowed and distracted by employee and manager requests for assistance due to a lack of self service tools

How ADP helped:

  • SPIROL’s rapidly growing workforce can be supported by one part-time resource
  • Employee self-service reduces demand on HR administrators for vacation time updates, pay stub copies, and overtime logs
  • Consistent and transparent performance management ensures reviews are done on time and data is captured the same way in all locations, improving report quality
  • Access to accurate up-to-date time clock information means overtime costs can be managed proactively, and integration into payroll and reporting reduces manual data entry errors