Smart Start is Canada’s premier provider of services and technologies that is Setting the Standard in Alcohol Monitoring Technology® with ignition interlocks and portable devices. Smart Start strives to provide a superior product with a focus on customer service. Since its inception, Smart Start’s Ignition Interlocks have prevented 11 million engine starts where alcohol was present on the driver’s breath.

Darla Selles, controller at Smart Start Canada, oversees the accounting and finance department. She also works with the director of operations and human resources department to manage the performance of the company as a whole. We recently spoke to Darla about her experience using ADP® Comprehensive Services and the process efficiencies ADP Workforce Now® has created:

Working together to get to this final product was a very positive experience. I couldn’t have done it on my own. If I outsourced it and involved a lawyer or another consultant, I know it would’ve been much more expensive and probably taken a lot longer.

Smart Start

Darla Selles, Controller
Smart Start Canada

The challenge

  • When I started with Smart Start, leadership in the Texas division of our company decided to outsource payroll — and it’s going to sound crazy — to a U.K. company. So the U.S. company signed the contract for the Canadian company to outsource to this U.K. company. It was complicated. You’ve got three different currencies going and it was just not ideal at all. We basically got manual timesheets from the U.K. company, we would have to fill them in, email it to a manager and then it gets emailed back. It was a really complicated, inefficient process. I stuck with it for a little bit and I said ‘OK, we really need to change this,’ and that’s when we engaged ADP.

How ADP helped

  • ADP was able to meet our needs with the various provinces we were operating in, managing all the different and complicated tax rates and legislations. There’s no manual work. Everything is in ADP and it’s night and day from where we started to where we are now.