Managing 60-100 drivers and delivering packages 365 days of the year, Hashim Abuelgasmi, founder and CEO of Deleezy Logistics, doesn’t have time for a complicated payroll system. We spoke with him about how ADP Workforce Now is providing his British Columbia-based business with the tools necessary to streamline payroll process and create real financial and operational savings.

The biggest challenge for me is that I’m wearing many hats. I’m trying to grow my business and at the same time do everything from marketing to hiring to administration. Being able to process the payroll accurately without any headaches is not easy without a solid system like ADP Workforce Now.

Hashim Abuelgasim, Founder and CEO
Deleezy Logistics

The Challenges

  • Growing a business, comprised of mainly hourly employees, from the ground up.
  • Drivers who forget to punch in and out on time.
  • Create a rewards package for employees based on their time with the company.

How ADP Helped

  • ADP’s team of HR, payroll and time management specialists available to provide support.
  • The ADP Kiosk App eliminated drivers forgetting to punch in and out.
  • ADP Reporting assists in managing all sides of the business related to decision making.