Human Resources is on the brink of huge change, and business owners and executives want to make sure they’re on the right side of it. Executives are fully aware of the scale of the HR problem, though they don’t yet know how to solve it.

In order for them to learn how to stop being tactical and become strategic, they will need to focus on the HR function, less in terms of where they are now, and more on where they want to be. So companies are faced with a choice to start working smarter.

The guide book focuses on the challenges of today’s business environment and the key trends and pain points that they encounter—the swift trajectory of digital, tightening labour markets, and the global war for talent.

Key Highlights:

  • Exploration of key marketplace dynamics that stress clients
  • Navigation of the talent challenge that can impede business momentum, including related HR and administration complexities
  • Making the shift to a strategic, winning approach to human capital management
  • Ability to speak to an ADP expert to learn about solutions to elevate your HR functions