Frequently Asked Questions

I need to file an ROE. Can I do so digitally?

Yes! You can use this link to sign up for the ROE Web on the CRA website:

And, on the CRA website, here is a link to walk you through how to complete an ROE.

We know that there will likely be an increase in the number of requests for ROEs. Service Canada has given us some guidelines:

  • As with all ROE requests, if at all possible, avoid the use of comments.
  • If the business is closed or reduced staff, use Code A “Shortage of Work.”
  • If an individual is sick with COVID-19, use code D “Illness or Injury.”
  • If an individual is taking leave to care for a child not in school or a family member that is sick, use code N “Leave of Absence.”

How do I access the Year End Centre?

All Year End resources can be accessed via The Bridge sponsored by ADP®.

Will ADP complete my Tax Forms?

Unless you request otherwise, ADP will automatically produce employee and employer Tax Forms.

To help you validate your information is correct, ADP automatically produces free balancing reports in October and end of December.

For timelines and how to access your Tax Forms, visit the Year End Centre on The Bridge sponsored by ADP®.

Will ADP file my Tax Forms to the Government?

Tax Forms produced by ADP will be electronically submitted directly to Canada Revenue Agency/Revenu Quebec by the filing deadlines.

Will ADP complete my Tax Form Summary?

Tax Forms electronically filed to the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) do not require a Summary to be completed. Employers with employees in Quebec will need to complete and directly submit the RL1 Summary to RQ (Revenu Quebec) before the last business day in February. For more information, visit the Revenu Quebec website.

How do I find information on Legislative changes?

To help you keep up to date on Legislative changes, including Tax Rates, Statutory Deductions and Minimum Wage, visit the Legislation Compliance Centre on The Bridge sponsored by ADP®.

Does ADP offer Year End Training?

Yes, ADP offers Year End training and has developed specialized Year End training for each solution. For example, for TeamPay by ADP® clients, we have created an interactive video on 'How to complete Year End Adjustments and update Tax Forms'. This video includes step by step instructions on Year End Adjustments in TeamPay by ADP and is available on the TeamPay by ADP product page in The Bridge sponsored by ADP®. Please visit your product page in the Year End Centre on The Bridge sponsored by ADP for Year End training.