Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of converting to electronic ROEs?

There is no cost difference between paper and electronic ROEs.

Will it take longer to request an electronic ROE for an employee?

The time to request a ROE electronically is exactly the same as it is for a paper ROE. You follow the same procedure you would for a paper ROE with the exception of having up to five days after the employee’s final pay-end date to request it.

If I file electronically, will the ROE be processed more quickly?

ADP allows you to request electronic ROEs outside of scheduled payroll runs, giving you the opportunity to have a ROE processed more quickly. In addition, Service Canada processes electronic ROEs more quickly than paper ROEs, and will ensure that the employee’s EI benefit claim is executed faster.

Will I be able to amend electronic ROEs?

With electronic ROEs, you will now be able to produce amendments electronically up to two years after the employee has been terminated or a ROE has been issued. The amendment process is very easy. Simply go into the employee’s record and enter any changes. Once you have completed the changes, request an ROE as you normally would.

Will there be a paper copy produced as well?

Two laser printed copies of the ROE will be produced: one for the employee and the other for the employer. Clients who use Reports on Internet can also access the ROE online and can request that ADP suppress the impression of the printed copies.

Do I still need to give a paper copy to the employee?

You do not need to provide the employee with a paper copy of their ROE. Recent regulation changes announced by Service Canada in March, 2009, eliminate the need to provide a copy to the employee if the employer chooses to file ROEs electronically. You may ask your ADP Client Service Representative to suppress the printed copy of the ROE.

If the employee loses his/her paper copy, can I produce a new one?

If the employee requests a paper copy of the ROE, you can access the information through Reports on Internet. If you do not have access to Reports on Internet, you can ask your ADP Client Service representative to have the ROE re-printed. Please note that your employees can also access their electronic ROE information directly through the Service Canada web site.

Can I preview an electronic ROE before it is filed?

ADP has integrated all of the standard editing rules from Service Canada in our ROE Direct Filing process to ensure compliance. If any of the data that you enter does not comply with these rules, error messages will be displayed on the Transaction Proof or Payroll Entries report for your review. You can then make the corrections through your payroll product, resubmit the data and review your final edits prior to submitting your final payroll.

How are signatures handled when I file ROEs electronically?

When you authorize ADP to file electronic ROEs on your behalf by completing the ROE Direct Filing Addendum a signature is no longer required. It is important, however, to provide ADP with the names and phone numbers of the ROE issuers to so that they can be programmed into Boxes 16 and 22 of the ROE.

How do I get started?

To convert to electronic ROEs all you need to do is download the ROE Direct Filing Addendum form, authorizing ADP to submit the ROEs on your behalf, and fax it to ADP at 1-877-701-7329.

If you still have questions contact your client service representative