Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of converting to electronic ROEs?

There is no difference in cost between paper and electronic ROEs.

Will it take longer to request an electronic ROE for an employee?

The time to request a ROE electronically is exactly the same as it is for a paper ROE. Follow the same procedure you would for a paper ROE with the exception of uploading the resulting file into Service Canada’s ROE Web application.

If I file electronically, will the ROE be processed more quickly

Service Canada processes electronic ROEs more quickly than paper ROEs and will ensure that the employee’s EI benefit claim is executed faster.

Will I be able to amend electronic ROEs?

Yes. ROEs’ can be amended directly through Service Canada’s ROE Web application.

Do I still need to give a paper copy to the employee?

You do not need to provide the employee with a paper copy of their ROE. Recent regulation changes announced by Service Canada in March 2009, eliminate the need to provide a copy to the employee if the employer chooses to file ROEs electronically.

How do I get started?

Register for Service Canada’s ROE Web by following the steps found on the Service Canada Website and then contact your ADP Client Service Representative to activate your ROE Web file.

You may also contact your ADP client service representative online using this link.