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ADP invites you to get connected to electronic ROEs.

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Use Service Canada’s ROE Web application to electronically submit your company’s ROEs. Each year, businesses send more than nine million ROEs to Service Canada. Recently, more and more businesses have taken advantage of the ability to produce their ROEs electronically.

Benefits of Filing ROEs Electronically:

  • Enjoy a longer compliance period – Given recent changes to EI regulations, employers who choose to file electronically may now do so up to five days after the employee’s final pay-end date; rather than after the last day an employee works, as required for a paper ROE
  • Eliminate mailing and distribution costs – You no longer need to provide a copy to the employee nor mail the ROE to Service Canada
  • Save time and increase your productivity – Reduce the time you take to administer this government requirement
  • Improve the quality and accuracy of ROEs by complying with all Service Canada validation rules.
  • Reduce calls and requests for payroll information from Service Canada – Receive fewer requests for information, since only complete and accurate ROEs can be submitted electronically to Service Canada.
  • Improve how you manage employee payments after separation – Produce amended ROEs electronically to reflect monies you pay to employees.
  • Take advantage of more flexible deadlines – Electronic ROEs allow you to initiate special off-cycle requests to produce and submit ROEs and/or final payments in between payroll cycles. For more information, please read the bulletin from Service Canada, review the Frequently Asked Questions or speak to your ADP client service representative.

To enroll, simply register for Service Canada’s ROE Web by following the steps found on Service Canada's Website and then contact your ADP Client Service Representative to activate your ROE Web file.

You may also contact your ADP client service representative online using this link.