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Minimum wage rates
across Canada

Minimum Wage Rates across Canada

In order to attract talent employers need to provide competitive salaries, and always need to pay at least the minimum wage. Check out the rates below to ensure you are in compliance.

You can also click on the heading to link directly to the government website for specific additional details as we make best efforts to publish most recent rates as soon as we can!


The minimum wage rate that applies to federally regulated employees is the general adult minimum rate of the province or territory where the employee4 is usually employed.


$12.20 as of Oct. 2016

$13.60 as of Oct. 2017

$15.00 as of Oct. 2018

British Columbia

$10.85 as of Sept 2016

$11.25 as of Sept 2017


$11.00 as of Oct. 2015

New Brunswick

$10.65 as of April 2016

$11.00 as of April 2017

Newfoundland & Labrador

$10.50 as of Oct. 2015

$10.75 as of April 2017

$11.00 as of Oct. 2017

Northwest Territories

$12.50 as of June 2015

Nova Scotia

$10.70 as of April 2016

$10.85 as of April 2017


$13.00 as of April 2016


$11.40 as of October 2016

Prince Edward Island

$11.00 as of October 2016

$11.25 as of April 2017


$10.75 as of May 2016

$11.25 as of May 2017


$10.72 as of October 1, 2016


$10.86 as of April 2015

$11.32 as of April 2017

Minimum rates are adjusted in various provinces and territories based on percentage changes in the Consumer Price Index.

There are special minimum rates for other categories in some jurisdictions so check out the links for more information! Check back often.

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