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Find Your Next
Star Employee

Find Your Next Star Employee

Finding and keeping those key people is an entrepreneur’s most important role, but it can be difficult to build the right team, particularly if you’re growing rapidly. Recruiters can be effective but also costly, and posting the ad online may get you an inbox full of resumes you don’t have time to read.  Here are some tips to help you connect with your next star employee quickly.

Put it online:

Post the role on your website so you have a link that’s easy to share. If you don’t have a website, see if your chamber of commerce will let you post your job on their site.

Ask your staff:

Your employees are your best recruiters. Make sure they understand who you’re looking for by circulating the job description and the link. You might even want to offer a referral bonus.

Use your networks:

Let your clients, investors, partners, distributors, suppliers and even your friends and family know that you’re looking for a key person. A referral from someone you know is more likely to be a good candidate than a stranger.

Go Social:

After you’ve posted the job on your website, share the link on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, your blog and any other social networking tools you may use. LinkedIn has great search tools to help you find and connect with professionals all over the world.

Keep it relevant:

Professional and industry associations usually have career centres on their websites where members can post their resumes and look at open positions.

Get professional help:

For very senior roles or those requiring specific skills or experience, you may want to hire a recruiting firm to help you out. Look for a recruiter with experience in your industry who can tap into parts of the market you can’t reach on your own.

Always be looking:

Recruiting should be an ongoing task. Be sure your website has a way for people to submit resumes even if you’re not actively hiring. You can also build a pipeline of candidates through your regular networking activities. Encourage your team to do likewise and you will soon find you have a good place to start looking for your next star employee.

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