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Build a Culture of Leadership

Learn how to build the people-centred culture that will help your organization thrive in the new world of work.

As President of ING Direct US, Arkadi Kuhlmann created a legendary culture that super-charged growth and attracted top talent.

In this exclusive video series, Arkadi shares his ideas on motivation, employer brands, listening and the critical role culture plays in the success of any organization.

Building on his work in the best-selling The Orange Code and Rock then Roll – Arkadi explains how the new world of work will demand a deliberate focus on culture.

Click the videos below to learn more about how you can attract, engage and inspire a great workforce with a great culture.

Attract Great People

What's Your Calling?

Understanding what motivates people will help you hire the right talent for your organization.


Understand Your Brand

If your company was an animal which would it be? Learn about employer brands and how they bring the right people together.


Engage for Growth

People Work for People

Leadership is about rallying great people around a great cause.


The Inspired Workforce

The Importance of Listening

“The day I started sitting in the call centre the world changed. I finally got to know what customers are talking about.” Learn more about why listening is the most important skill of all.


The Wow Experience

Delivering an exceptional experience is as important to your workforce as it is to your customers.


Leading Talent

A Powerful Enemy

Do you have a powerful enemy?. “Good cultures really know who they’re competing with.”


A New Way of Working

Creativity and innovation are now the driving force behind bottom-line success. Learn how you can leverage unconventional thinking and a culture of experimentation to thrive.


Arkadi Kuhlmann profileArkadi Kuhlmann is a prolific businessman who’s perhaps best known as the CEO and founder of ING Direct, which revolutionized the landscape of banking as we know it by focusing on a simplified, customer-based business strategy. Throughout his long career, Kuhlmann has devoted himself to finding new and innovative ways to help people save their money, earning a reputation as both a shrewd businessman and a savvy expert in the ins and outs of banking. Drawing from his wide range of experiences working everywhere from ING to the Royal Bank, Arkadi’s talks encourage audiences to think about how they can incorporate concepts of leadership and innovation into their own business practices.

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