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Terms & Conditions

Three Free Months Offer*

*In order to receive three months free payroll processing and free T4’s (first production run only), you must be a new ADP Canada Co. (“ADP”) Client, have 1-49 employees and have entered into ADP’s standard form services agreement by December 31st, 2018 (agreement must be signed and submitted by this date) for TeamPay by ADP® or TeamPay by ADP Live Services. Free payroll processing applies to the recurring payroll processing fees paid by you to ADP. “Recurring payroll processing fees” exclude, without limitation: (i) set-up fees; (ii) any underlying payroll funding obligations (wages, taxes, third party remittances); (iii) any fees for official bank cheques, Year-End services (e.g. T4 tax forms), tax or special one-time reports, third-party remittances or cheque stuffing; (iv) refundable deposits or third-party pass-through charges (including delivery charges), (v) direct expenses/charges (e.g. NSF fees); (vi) penalties and interest; (vii) fees for shipping, delivery and installation of equipment or software, custom programming, the sale or leasing of equipment or software, or maintenance; and (viii) income derived from the float. The promotion only applies to TeamPay by ADP Services and excludes any ancillary services provided by ADP (e.g. time and labour management). To be eligible for the free T4’s you must have completed a minimum of one 2018 payroll processing run in 2018, and have provided ADP with your Year to Date information with your first 2018 payroll. The promotion only applies to the Initial Run of your 2018 Tax Forms and does not apply to any Tax Form Reruns requested. Cannot be combined with any other promotions. ADP reserves the right to discontinue or modify this promotion at any time.

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