Helping the ALS Society of BC employees so they can help others

When she first came to the ALS Society of British Columbia, payroll processing was one of the first things Executive Director Wendy Toyer wanted to change. Their manual process took about 4 hours a month and, often, staff weren't getting paid on time. Having worked with ADP in the past, she knew the solution.

ALS Society of BC

Using ADP is just good management.

Wendy Toyer, Executive Director
ALS Society of BC

The challenges ALS Society of British Columbia faced:

  • Manual payroll process took up hours every month and mistakes led to late and incorrect payments
  • T4 and ROE creation was inefficient

How ADP helped:

  • Reduced manual tasks required to process payroll
  • Reduced mistakes and associated costs
  • Employees paid on time, and in the correct amount