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ADP Canada Enables High-Powered HR with The All New ADP Workforce Now®

ADP Canada Enables High-Powered HR with The All New ADP Workforce Now®

Seamless cross-border HR solution gives users a holistic and intuitive platform to support employees from “hire” to “retire”

February 26, 2019, TORONTO: ADP Canada, a leader in HR technology for Canadian businesses, has unveiled a new suite of high-performance features for ADP Workforce Now®.

The all new ADP Workforce Now® will make it easier for Canadian companies to manage their HR needs. Built with HR professionals in mind, the new suite of features offers seamless cross-border capabilities, broader mobile access to HR tools in real-time, simplified talent management and AI powered recruiting.

Some of the key new features of ADP Workforce Now® include:

  • Cross-Border Capability: The all new ADP Workforce Now® provides a unified experience for Canadian organizations to manage employees in both Canada and the United States, using a single, unified HR solution.
  • Talent Activation & Development: ADP Workforce Now® simplifies and streamlines talent management by providing companies with one system to attract, acquire, engage and develop top talent.
  • Artificial Intelligence: ADP Workforce Now® leverages AI to help companies accelerate their recruiting efforts and to streamline their decision-making process by providing access to current, historic and predictive data.
  • Enhanced Mobility: The ADP Mobile Solutions app provides managers and employees with mobile, secure, self-serve access to HR and payroll-related data in real time and while on the go.

“The world of work is evolving. Canadian companies are more dynamic than ever before and they demand HR solutions that maximize performance, simplify HR processes and provide a consumer-grade user experience at work and on the go,” said Heather Haslam, Vice President, Marketing, ADP Canada.

Pipetek Infrastructure Services, a leading infrastructure inspection and cleaning company, looked to ADP to enable its largely mobile workforce, “All of our employees utilize the ADP Mobile Solutions app to track their time. Since we have a mostly mobile workforce, this option has allowed for greater accuracy and efficiency in tracking hours," Kimberley Jasper, Payroll Manager, Pipetek Infrastructure Services noted. “ADP has been great for our business and the customer support team has always been fantastic to work with.”

“From helping organizations manage their workforce in Canada and the United States using a unified solution, to activating talent and leveraging the latest in AI and mobile technologies, the all new ADP Workforce Now® gives Canadian businesses the tools they need to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive and global environment,” Haslam added.

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