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ADP’s easy-to-use, free, payroll calculator was designed especially for small businesses and businesses new to doing payroll. You can use our payroll calculator whether your staff is paid salary or hourly, and no matter what province or territory you are calculating payroll for.

This free online payroll tool is simple to use and offers you not just a great way to work out your payroll calculations, it also offers a variety of other features:

  • Bilingual screens
  • Deductions including '% of Net Pay' and '% of Gross Pay'

Our goal in offering you this online tool is to help find peace of mind when it comes to your tax remittance and records, and to reduce the stress and concern from errors that could lead to penalties for your business.

To get started all you have to do is complete the easy-to-follow form. Of course if you have any questions or concern you can reach us by email at

* The ADP Canadian Payroll Calculator is for directional use only and we recommend that users contact their accountant or bookkeeper to reconcile and verify accuracy. Note the calculation accuracy depends on the accuracy of the information users input into the calculator.