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Streamline payroll processes with ADP’s ADP Workforce Now

With over 60 years in the payroll processing business, ADP understands that details make the difference. In addition to keeping you up to speed on tax rate and filing changes and answering specific payroll questions, ADP Workforce Now’s Payroll allows you to:

  • Manage the entire payroll process - from customizing payroll reports to accessing key payroll functions - with a flexible system that is easy to learn and accessible from anywhere
  • Improve payroll speed and accuracy with ADP’s integrated time & attendance solution
  • Feel confident with strong encryption and state-of-the-art security that delivers multilevel protection

Direct deposit

Save time with direct deposit, an electronic payment option that deposits employees’ pay directly into their bank accounts.

Tax administration and filing

ADP prepares, files, and deposits federal and provincial taxes as well as issuing the required monthly reporting to relevant tax authorities. ADP also responds to associated inquiries from any tax agency.

Year-end processing

ADP handles your company’s year-end requirements including direct reporting to the proper tax authorities and statements of deposits and filings made on your behalf.

Third Party Remittances

Let ADP address the complex calculations of third party remittances and make the necessary payments to appropriate agencies.

Payroll reports

Use the Payroll module to print reports that help you verify data entry hours and earnings before you submit your payroll. Analyze your ongoing payroll totals, employee deductions, personnel changes, and quarterly tax reports. Use a combination of standard and user-defined reports to meet all your payroll and tax needs.

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How much are you really spending?

Organizations that outsource spend on average 27% less

According to the PwC 2012 Total Cost of Ownership Study


PwC Total Cost Of Ownership Study 2012





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Case Study : Employee administration

"We suffered through a failed conversion with an ADP competitor. We left them after just nine pay cycles and returned to ADP because of ADP Workforce Now. It was precisely the long-term, solution we were looking for.”

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Case Study : Mobile solutions application

"ADP has proven to be a really effective business partner. By introducing new ways –like the ADP Mobile Solutions application – to reach that next level of user satisfaction and efficiency, ADP just keeps on getting better and better.”

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Case Study: Pay related administration

"Before ADP, we had a variety of employee time collection systems. They varied from location to location. We were just simply prone to human error at all the touch points.”

You can increase productivity and do more with less!

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Do More. Know More. Grow More.

Productivity no longer has to come with a steep price tag. ADP Workforce Now helps you do more, know more, grow more — all without boosting your headcount or budget. You never stop looking for a better way.

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Fast. Flexible. Secure.

With the ADP Mobile Solutions app, you’ll get complete integration of HR, Payroll and Time & Attendance solutions — and the productivity and profitability gains that come from an engaged,focused and empowered workforce.

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“our HR department is no longer a call centre. Now we can apply our professional knowledge to bigger issues that require our special expertise. Overall, Workforce Now gives us the tools to save time and money like never before.”

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ADP Workforce Now®

ADP Workforce Now®
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Do more, know more, grow more

Improve productivity without boosting your headcount or budget