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    ADP Backcheck: Employee Screening Done Right

    Bring the Best People on Board

    ADP BackCheck gives you the confidence of knowing you’re adding the best possible people to your team while avoiding the expense and hassles of bad hires. By providing you with a range of world-class employee screening services to verify candidate claims, you can make the most informed recruitment decisions quickly and accurately. Backed by a team that has screened over 3 million Canadians, ADP BackCheck is the smart, flexible way to hire people who will contribute to the success of your company.

    Choose ADP BackCheck for:

    Online results, ordering, and paperless consent forms: Remove paper from the process and get the fastest background check results delivered by the most secure system available in Canada.

    Confidence in the selection process:

    Making informed hiring decisions through unbiased, third party employee screening saves money and gives you assurance that the person you choose has been screened thoroughly.

    Reduced cost and risk:

    Protecting your company from negligent hiring litigation, and choosing the right candidate means less stress on your HR and fewer expenses related to theft, fraud, work disruption and low morale.

    A secure, compliant process:

    ADP BackCheck complies with Canadian privacy legislation, while securing your data in a world class data centre.

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    Did You Know?

    ADP BackCheck reference interviews reveal red flags on 25% of candidates..


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